Why Good Posture Is Important For Workouts And Overall Life

Having good posture is one thing I believe can help you in many ways.

From my experience, when I corrected my posture I saw that my workouts got better, I was thinking more clearly, I was a lot less stressed, my movements were easier, and even my back pain improved.

The first thing I want to say about posture is how correcting it is proven to increase your testosterone and decrease your cortisol levels by a good percentage.

What is cortisol?

Cortisol is a stress hormone that is made in the adrenal glands, that can make you feel very awful and drained when we have too much of it.  I wouldn’t worry about having too low cortisol levels from the fact that good posture can lower it; most people have too much of it.

Lowering cortisol and raising testosterone is huge. Working out with high levels of cortisol in the gym is only going to make things worse. We want to be working out stress free as possible. When your cortisol is decreased, you may also start to see more definition in your muscles. Cortisol can temporarily hide your abdominal muscles, so you may actually not be that fat if you don’t have abs, they may just not be visible due to this. Having an aligned posture can also make your abdominal muscles more visible.

After some time, you will actually start to see changes in your physical body just from improving your posture. I personally noticed myself looking a lot leaner, and just feeling overall better. I can really feel the testosterone in my body. You may also notice that your muscles will look a lot fuller; I believe this is because of the testosterone increase, and decrease in cortisol.

Now obviously having more testosterone helps your workouts, but why else would having great posture improve your workouts?

Having an erect posture will make it much easier for you to make proper contractions during workouts. When we have rounded off shoulders, and a drastically curved back, it’s going to be much harder to have the mobility we want when working out. When you actually improve your posture, you will notice that movements such as lifting and running are much easier, and more enjoyable.

So how does having good posture improve other areas of our life?

Having an erect spine not only makes your workouts better, but it also can improve your breathing. Correcting it will allow you to breathe easier with your diaphragm. While breathing with your diaphragm may also need conscious effort at first, this should definitely help you regardless. Breathing is also a very important factor in exercise. If you aren’t breathing properly in the gym, you are limiting your fitness potential.

Like I said before, having an erect spine will make you less stressed. Stress affects our life negatively in every way. One thing I put a lot of emphasis on in many things I do, is finding ways to lower stress as much as possible. Correcting posture is just one of those ways to do that. If we lower our stress, everything improves.

When your body is out of alignment, and you are playing sports or doing any sort of physical activity, you are slowly grinding away cartilage which you can’t get back. Doing physical activities when your posture is bad will also often give you back pain. When you force your body to do movements that it doesn’t have the mobility for, that is doing something that isn’t natural for your body. You can expect pain from doing this. No one likes chronic pain, so get to work!

So in this blog post, we learned that improving our posture will make workouts and appearance better, improve our happiness and overall life. It is not biggest piece of advice, but is still one that will knock out many things in one.

We now know how important this all is, but how do we actually improve it?

Though standing and sitting up straight may improve your posture, that may not always be the trick to fixing it. I’m going to write a future article on how to really improve your posture. This will tell you more ways to improve it than just stretching, and standing or sitting up straight. So stay tuned for this!